Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Buy says "You wore out your computer"?

I overheard this at a local Best Buy.

"If your computer is slow, it is probably because
you wore it out and need a new one".

If a car started running like crap after a 6 months of service, nobody would just assume it was worn out. They would be demanding that it be repaired, for free if it was still under warranty. The manufacturer would be financially on the ropes after doing that to EVERY CUSTOMER THEY SERVED FOR A FEW YEARS.

But we, as consumers, have been led to believe that slow computers just need to be replaced. It is the best marketing scam of the century. Computer software companies are not to be held responsible for anything, EVEN CRAPPY SOFTWARE THAT IS INSECURE.

System slow? I guess I just wore it out. What a JOKE.

This may come as a surprise, but, if a computer is "worn out", it won't be SLOW, it will be DEAD.

I have computers that are over 10 years old, still in service, still just as fast as the day they were purchased.

Now lightning strikes have FRIED a couple of my computers over the years, but they were not slow, they were DEAD.

So, what is making old Bessy so slow ?

Let's go over the checklist here:

* bloated operating system .... check
* tons of crapware installed by manufacturer .... check
* added tons of antiviral programs to detect infections .... check
* got a trojan, which in turn installed 400 virus programs ... check
* every installed program constantly checks for updates ... check

I don't know about you, but I don't have the time, patience or money to replace computers every six months, so I don't.

I put LINUX on them and FORGET them. They run fast as the day you bought them, FOREVER.