Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dell 15N preloaded with Ubuntu

Well, he did it. Steve, my truck driving buddy, has picked up one of those inexpensive Dell 15N laptop computers with Ubuntu Linux.

* 2.16Ghz Celeron processor
* 2G RAM
* 160G Hard Disk
* 15.4" LCD
* Wireless

All for just over $400 ... not too shabby.

Steve got his FIRST COMPUTER a little over a year ago, it is a nicely equipped desktop system that came with Vista and now has Vista and Fedora Linux (dual boot).

Now, I have tried to keep him faithful to Fedora Linux, but, before I could get him to remove Ubuntu Linux from that new laptop, he fell in love.

He only asked me for the security key required to access his wireless router. After that he was on the internet and:

* upgraded Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04, no loss of personal data ...
* installed the codecs needed to play audio and video multimedia
* customized his environment

This may not be rocket science to a power user ... but he did this without any help and ENJOYED THE PROCESS.

Now, how many of you could update Windows XP to Windows Vista? Do you think you could:
  • upgrade easily?
  • enjoy the process?
  • preserve all your data?
  • succeed without any support from friends?

I have done more of my share of upgrades (friends and family) over the years ... and I have never, ever seen a Windows upgrade that was easy or fun. I have seen more than my share that resulted in loss of data (thank God for backups) and crippled machines.

I will say this, installing and using Ubuntu is easy enough to be FUN.

In closing, if you do decide to upgrade from XP to Vista, and you need help, call:


and have your credit card handy.