Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm in love with ... python

I have done it. I never thought I would fall victim to a middle age crisis, but, it just happened. #15 was the charm.

After learning 14 other computer languages I found the love of my life.

Python, with wxPython for GUI, wxGlade for GUI layout and postgres for the database.

What can I tell you. With almost no thought or effort the code just falls from my fingertips. Even for a novice GUI developer ... it is nearly effortless.

lists, dictionaries, tuples, object oriented design and I'm still on version 2.6.

Be still my heart.

The efficiency of assembler.
The constant thought required of VB.
The speed of C.
The mind numbing perl with books covering my desk.

I will miss all of them.

The bright side ?

I love coding even more than I did already.

Please don't tell my boss, but, I would do this for free.