Saturday, January 9, 2010

Linux and the HAM

A co-worker, Mike, has just finished building a new computer.

Professionally, Mike is a hardware designer ... where as I am more into software.

Hobby wise, Mike is big into HAM radio (see web link below).

I have been telling (1) any co-worker that will stand still long enough about the virtues I see in Linux and Open Source or Freedom software. At the office I keep candy bars in one of the drawers in my cubicle, and, it would not be a far stretch to get my co-workers to believe it is for the sole purpose of "buying forgiveness" for all the Linux preaching I do.

I recently offered to help Mike find a copy of Win7 for his new machine. Mike decided that the old machine would be a good place to "try out" Linux. I agreed (any way I can get Linux installed, I take) and Mike left with an Ubuntu 9.10 CD.

Long story short (and at this point, it is Mike's story to tell), Win7 and Ubuntu both got installed on the new machine ...

Now I can't be sure, but judging from the number of Ubuntu questions I have been getting from Mike, I think he has been playing on the "dark side".

Moo Ah Ha Ha ...

1. Pester, preach, annoy, irritate

Mike's web site: