Friday, February 19, 2010

Machine so fast, you did not notice infection

Late last year I built a system for a friend. It is a gaming machine, a real scorcher ... WinXP flies on the machine, and games ... oh my goodness.

The machine fell victim to a nasty trojan and assorted friends ... 88 infections had been found by the time I shut the machine down and started a "reload".

The problem is .. the machine is SO FAST there was no clue it was infected until sounds started pouring from the speakers when there were NO PROGRAMS RUNNING THAT USED SOUND ... then well behaved games started crashing ... and so on.

All of this babbling is to say this ... really good virus writers keep their stuff on the "down low" ... don't do anything to draw attention ...

If it had not been for a sloppy, hack, DUMB virus writer that had to get cute with the sounds, there would have been no clue ... the antivirus stuff found nothing until it was run from SAFE MODE ...

I love Linux.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Linux in Christian Schools

I was very interested in this article.

How we implemented linux in our ministry

Part of the decision making process for this ministry was the "... matter of stewardship ...".

I spend LARGE AMOUNTS of time researching malware techniques so that I can offer help to people that run operating systems other than Linux. I do hands on forensic and recovery work (for free) as part of that research.

Be a good steward of your time and money ... install Linux and enjoy computing again.

Oh, and take your kids out to the park with the free time you'll have not disinfecting, cleaning and defragging your current operating system.