Sunday, March 28, 2010

My oldest Linux box

I have a lot of antiques around here, in computer terms. But folks ask me what the oldest production system I have is.

CPU is P5 200Mhz (2,000Mhz is common today)
RAM is 128M (2,048M is common today)
DISK is 30G (1,000G is getting common these days)
S3 video card with 8M of memory

This machine sits in my unheated attic, temperatures range from -10F to 130F.

For 8 years this machine has been running file, mail and web servers ... non-stop ... no excuses ... the only thing this machines stops for is a power outage lasting longer than the battery can hold her up. It came from the factory with Windows 98, it is running Fedora 1 now.

I also have an IBM 600e Thinkpad, 400Mhz, 198M RAM and 80G DISK running Ubuntu 9.10 (soon to be 10.4) with wireless PCMCIA and wireless mouse (the track mouse died).

I have been toying with the idea of putting Slackware on a 486-133 with 128M of RAM ... that should be interesting ....