Monday, October 11, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10

It's out, and it's good. Great. Wonderful.

Install is smooth. It runs in threads so the install is actually going on in the background while you take care of questions and watch the slide show.

I like Ubuntu for new and casual Linux users. It is a great OS.

There are a couple of things I wish they would consider adding/changing.

* save user account info for installing later, possibly on new hardware.

* make the default layout of the hard drive 3 partitions:

** #1 swap
** #2 root
** #3 home

This layout would reduce head movement during swapping and allow a fresh install without "demanding" a backup.

Get with REDHAT and make a standard about USER/GROUP numbering. It is a pain in the but that Ubuntu starts numbering a 1000 and REDHAT starts a 500.
It also makes carrying a tar file from system to system a pain in the butt. By the way, I prefer 1000. While you are at it, invite Suse and Mandriva.

Also, give an option for setting up a system with ONLY a root account with a password provided, this way restoring user/group accounts could be done easily.

Well, enough griping for now.

Great job guys, it was a pleasure to install and play with.