Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HP G62-339WM Laptop from Wal-Mart

Setting up one of these for Martha.

Dual boot, Windows 7 64 bit and Ubuntu 10.10

* AMD Athlon II P320 2.1Ghz x86_64
* 320G Hard Disk
* 15.6" screen, VGA and HDMI outputs
* ATI HD 4250 3D graphics
* WiFi/Cat5 ethernet
* CD/DVD DL burner
* Win7_64 & Ubuntu 10.10
* True stereo speakers, Altec Lansing
* Webcam / Microphone

Nice machine. The web browsing moves along nicely, everything just seemed to work as expected on BOTH operating systems.

The mouse worked well. The touch was good, selection by "tapping" was good. The right/left buttons were a bit stiff, but, with the tap working so well you barely notice.

The power cord come out straight, I REALLY LIKE the 90 degree bend that Acer uses.

On the Win7 side I am adding:

* Firefox 3.6
* Python 2.7, pyWin32Com, wxPython
* Microsoft Security Essentials
* CCleaner
* Defraggler