Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thermaltake BlacX SATA HD docking station

I just picked up one of these P/N: N0028USU for my desktop Linux box. I am taking it for a test spin at the moment, I plan to use it later for hard drive upgrades and backups.

It took longer to unpack this than it did to set it up for use. Plug in USB, plug in A/C adapter, drop in hard drive (750G Seagate Baracuda, 32M cache, 7200 rpm).

I used gparted on Fedora 14 to write an MS-DOS style partition table. Then I created a single ext4 partition and set the label to "backup".

I removed the USB and replaced it and Fedora mounted the drive.

I am running the script for backing up the home folder ... so far so good.

The script is below .. just change system_name to whatever folder name you want.

This script will run a while the first time you use it because it will save off everything. The next time it will only update the files and folders that have changed.


# backup to /media/backup
if [ -d /media/backup ]; then
echo 'starting backup'
sudo rsync -av /home /media/backup/system_name
echo '/media/backup not mounted'